Descriptions of Agreements:

Transfer Agreement: Transfer copyrights from seller to buyer.
Purchase Agreement:  Agreement to make a purchase for a price and product.
Work For Hire: Agreement to hire an employee to produce products that belong to the Company.



Transfer Agreement

In a nut shell the transfer agreement is a written document that confirms that the artist or writer of a work is transferring the copyrights to the person or company for a payment.  We require a transfer agreement for any work that we purchase for any reason.  With the copyrights becoming more critical, we are not willing to publish on this site anything that we do not own the copyrights.  All products that you produce whether you sell them to us or just put them up on the site, we require the transfer agreement. 

This does not apply to wholesalers or retailers as they are third parties selling products that are clearly copyrighted.  The transfer agreement gives us  legal footing if the person is selling something that is not theirs to sell.  If the seller is passing off a work that is not theirs, the transfer agreement protects us from legal action and puts it squarely on the thief.  It is unfortunate we are required to do this, but there has been a lot of copyright theft in this business.

Purchase Agreement

Purchase agreements are required any time we purchase a product from a seller.  If the seller is the original author, writer, artist, etc.  we will also require a Transfer Agreement.  With Wholesalers and Retailers, simple purchase and invoicing are used with the Purchase Agreement.  Purchase Agreements are usually for products and submissions that are not directly requested. 

If you have a product that you think would sell on this site, this is the agreement that would be needed to sell on the site.  Purchase Agreements are drawn up for each individual purchase, and the form that is on the site is just a skeleton.  It will be modified as the seller and the buyer choose.  To sell a product on the site you can go to the selection "Submission Form".  Using this button will get the process started.  After a negotiation of price and terms, a Purchase agreement will be created and signed by both parties.  When the product is delivered, the payment will be made by PayPal.

Works for Hire

When we have projects, we post them here on the site.  The details are placed in each project and we use the contact form to ask any questions on a project.  A Works for Hire agreement is made when we select the company or person that will be creating the project for the site.

A Works for Hire agreement means the chosen vendor or person is chosen to do the work.  It also means that they will be paid a set fee or price for the work.  It also means the work is owned by the buyer, our company, including the copyrights.  If you wish to keep your copyrights, then you should not enter into this form of agreement, and if you do not, we will not hire anyone who refuses.  We feel if we pay for the work, it will have to be legally ours, copyright and all.

Projects are posted in the selection "Projects".  If you think you would be interested in one of these projects, please ask any questions through the contact form.  If you want to submit your resume or bid to do the project you can use the Project Proposal Form on the first page of the "Projects".  We will review those that are submitting and determine who we will hire to do the job.