Future Projects

Blank Pose:

This project is to create 4 poses for both male and female that can be used with the second project.  With this project we want drawings in black ink or digital that can be used.  Details of this project are being developed at this time.

Clothing Project: Using the first project to get the models, clothing for each of theses models will be developed to allow the customer to build a character using the Pose and Clothing of their choosing.  Details of this project are being developed at this time.  
Background  We want to build panels that will allow the characters from the above selections to use as the background for their characters and provide backgrounds for new monsters, and creations.  
Application/Tools: We are looking to purchase PHP/HTML applications that will be placed the tools section of the site.  These tools can be:

Random Demon creator, Town creator, Mission creator, Horse Merchant, Magic Item shop, Supply shop, and others.  These tools should allow the referee the ability to create these and other items needed for creating an adventure on the fly from the web.  Graphic images are not as important as details the referee can use in the game.  These tools we wish to purchase outright, and will not be offering commissions for these type of tools. 

Describe the tool and possibly place it where we can see how it works.  If it is something we want to add to the site, we will contact you within the seven days to determine the price of the application. We will put the tool up on the site as soon as all the paper work is completed.

You will be given credit for creating the tool, but all copyrights must be signed over to us.  When you are offering the tool, we will need you to fill out the copyright transfer form, prior to us taking possession of the tool and payment.  We will send a copy of the signed form back to you with payment.

If you design a tool, use the submission form to fill in the details, and remember that this project is a For Sale selection on that form.  Anything else will not be accepted, unless you put it up for free.  You may submit as many of these applications as you wish.