Please fill out the form below to report a copyright violation.  When you click the submit button, a complete affidavit page will appear.  Print this page, have it notarized and send it to us.  We will remove the copyright violation immediately while we investigate the claim.  If the claim is valid according to your proof, we will not put it back on the site.  We will pay for your Notarization cost and cost of your letter, if your claim is valid.  If it is not, we will repost the image and further action will be needed to remove the image.

It is against our rules and values to pirate anything, and we take that seriously.  If your claim is true and we have purchased a product that is not the seller's, we will direct you to the seller to clear up this copyright violation.  Anyone selling pirated software or other plagiarized art or written works will be informed of the violation and may be subject to criminal charges.

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