Sale, For Fee, Commissions, and  Purchased

Authors, Writers, Gamers, and Coders  may post written work here for sale and/or work for us directly.  There are four ways to be paid for your work.  You can Sell it to us directly for a set price, Submit it and pay us a submission fee, Commission it where we take a percent of your sales, and lastly, we have projects that you can work on and get paid for the work.   Details for all are listed below in the Sale, Commission, For Fee and Purchased areas. 

  1. You must register first to do any of the processes.  If you are not registered you cannot use the request form to make any of the submissions.  So your first step is to register. 
  2. All payments are made through PayPal.  If other payment methods are used, they must be made in writing prior to the product being posted for sale.
  3. Submission  of any kind cannot be pornographic or adult in nature, if it is we will not post to the site.  Pornographic is defined in this case as descriptions of, or acts of  nude bodies, sexual acts or body parts exposed, or other like material.  If you request a submission and it is rejected, your fees will be forfeit.  If you are unsure as to its nature, you may send us a link to determine if it is appropriate.  We also do not cater to extreme violent material as well.

For Sale

If you have a product "For Sale" of any kind that you would like to sell to us, we are willing to have a look and if it fits in with our goals, we will make an offer.  This is a one time purchase and we receive the copyrights to the work.  You will remain the author and it will be noted on your work, but the product is ours, if we purchase it. 

Wholesalers please contact us directly.

For Fee

The "For Fee" submissions are directed to your URL so they can order from your website.  You will be asked for a site address of the document.  If you do not have a site to post your work, we will post it to our site for an additional one time fee or a monthly basis.  You will need to make a special request to post the piece on the site.  Please contact us for details.  We review all works that are posted, and may reject any product that we feel does not belong on the site due to content.  With For Fee pieces retain all copyrights and responsibilities for your work.


"Commissions" are based on a percentage of the set price on your work.  We will work with you to determine the percentage of the commission that we receive.  The minimum commission is 5% with it going as high as 20%.  The way it works is; a price is set for the product to sell on the site.  A commission percent is determined by agreement between yourself and us.  When the product sells, we send you the full amount, minus the commission.  Commissions are set based a prior agreement between our company and yourself, with the commission set at that time.


From time to time we will be offering projects for the creation of art, documents, code, and others.  Requested work is done by registering and using the "Projects" button to go to the Requested Works page.  Only if you are registered can you publish your work for submission, commission or do the requested work.  Projects will be listed under the Projects button, located in the members area. We will list the projects and a selection for your oppertunity to bid on the project, or get details. These projects will be closed after we fill the position, or the project is completed. Offerings after that will become "For Sale" submissions.

From time to time we will be looking for writers, gamers, and artist to provide details, stories, and artwork for the site and our company such as:  monsters, people, devices, etc.  Our company will be the determining editor on what is posted on the site.  We will pay directly for works requested, after we accept the work and a copyright transfer is completed.  This sort of writing is Purchased according to the Copyright laws, and so once we are happy with the work, we will purchase both the work and the copyrights to it.  If we do not accept the work, the work is still yours.  We are under no obligation to purchase under the basic agreements. and may only pay a charge if it is part of the agreement . If the Work is for Hire, we will purchase the project according to the works for hire agreement.

Payment will be determined on each piece.   If there is a collection of pieces, they may be commissioned as a single price for the set.  These details will be determined prior to accepting the work. 

We will provide an agreement on line for you to fill out for each of our projects pieces.  You can only get to this agreement after you are registered. When we have a need for any of these documents, art,  or documented items, we will post it to the site.  You need not fill in this form unless you are requested to fill it in by us prior to purchase of the project piece.


Copyright laws

The copyright law defines a work made for hire as a work especially ordered or commissioned pursuant to a written contract, that is, (1) a contribution to a collective work, (2) part of a motion picture or other audiovisual work, (3) a translation, (4) a supplementary work, (5) a compilation, (6) an instructional text, (7) a test, (8) answer material for a test, or (9) an atlas; or a work created by an employee within the scope of his/her employment.
The U.S. Supreme Court has stated that, for purposes of the work made for hire doctrine, the individual must be an employee in the employment-law sense. That is, the individual must have taxes withheld and employment benefits provided. In all other cases, a work is not a work made for hire, and the artist creating the work retains the copyright unless it’s assigned (transferred) by the artist.
Regardless of whether the work is a work made for hire (in which case the employer owns the copyright) or not (in which case the artist retains the copyright), the copyright law makes clear that the exclusive right to sell a copyrighted work attaches only to the first sale. For this reason, even copyrighted works can be resold by their owners without restriction. These works, however, cannot be modified without obtaining the copyright owner’s permission, because the exclusive right to create derivative works belongs to the copyright owner. Note that other countries do not follow this definition of work made for hire, so different rules may apply outside the U.S. borders.