Referee Certification

 What is a Certification?

Only referees can determine if other referees are certified.  Game makers have a bias, but here the tests are created by you and hundreds of other referees that play these systems.  These tests and evaluations are created by over one hundred referees that know the system you will be certifying.  You become an elite member of a group.  As this is independent of those game systems, there is no game maker bias in the creation of the testing and certification.  The referees of the different game systems create the questions that will be asked on the certification tests.    Referees are not certified by the respective systems designers or companies, but by other referees, your fellow referees.

The first 100 referees to certify on a system are given a $20 credit to the account upon passing the certification.  In effect the referee gets the certification free.  This offer is given to each new game system that comes on line for certification. 

By being certified you become one of the few referees that are certified on a game system across the country or the world.  Certification means that the referees hosting a particular game system are all playing by the same rules regardless of where the game is played.  The player is not subjected to changes that are not applicable to the game no matter the referee.  Certification allows the referee access to other referees that can answer questions on how to play a situation, and have a resource of referee materials.

How to Be Certified

The evaluation is made up of one hundred questions all that are either multiple choice, yes no or true false.  There are no discussion questions.  The certification is good for one year, and there is an annual follow-up evaluation each year that is only 25 questions.  Prior to the test you will need to submit a question for future certifications. To pass the certification you must answer at least 80 of these questions. Random test will be made of these questions.  The initial test will be one hundred questions that were asked by one hundred referees.  These specifications may change as the number of referees become certified. 

Step 1:   You must be registered on the site. All the certification information and buttons are under the Member Area button. The only way to get to that area is to register. Without the information from the registration, we are unable to keep track of the certification. So the first thing to do is to get registered.

Step 2:   To become a certified referee you need to first provide a question and answer about either refereeing in general or some aspect to the system on which you are attempting to be certified. Select the Certification Details in the Member Area and you will see selection to view Current Certifications, Recommend a system, Submit a question, Take a test, and more. Simply fill out the referee question submission form.  Once the question is presented there is a 7 day review and after it passes the review, the referees question is put into the bank of certified questions. The question will be reviewed by all certified referees and they will determine if the answer is appropriate or if another is appropriate.  If the question is determined to be inappropriate or invalid, you are contacted and asked to enter another.  After your question is entered, you can precede to take the test to become certified.

Step 3:   Select the Certification you want to take, you will have a two hour window to complete the test.  Certification will cost a one time charge of $20, taken from your account when you take the test the first time.  Annual follow up test only cost $5 per year, and if you fail, you simply take the test again in a month. You receive an emailed certificate; a button on the menu appears that concerns only referees.  You become part of the evaluation pool of referees for questions on that particular system.  You will be given the opportunity to allow others to know that you are certified on the site. This pays for the management of the system and to ensure only serious referees are tested.

Referees control their organization after they are certified, and we will provide the site with any applications of   those items that the members and referees feel are needed to improve the experience in that game system.

If you have questions, please use the contact form to let us know your questions or concerns.