Download Products is an option using the debit system.  If you wish to print out the product yourself, we give you the options to do so by putting them on the web pages in a printable format.  You get access to each product by selecting the product for download, the cost is deducted from your account and the product is unlocked for your use.  Your account is used for down loads and running applications.  Many products are direct purchases.

The process functions on a debit system.    On the page after login you will see your account and how much funds you have currently in the top left line.  You may also add funds to your debit account.  After you are registered you may add funds by; Logging in, Selecting the Members Login a second time and selecting Add Funds.  Once you have a positive amount in your account, you can go to the product page and select download products listed under download.  Select the product you want, and if you have enough funds in your debit account, the item you are wanting to download will unlock.  Once the product is unlocked, you can download or print it as often as you want for 12 months.  The cost of the product will be subtracted from your account.  In download account area you can see the download purchases you have made in the last 12 months and the dates of the purchases.*

Important NOTE:  Copyright laws are still in affect.  To sell these products, give them away, or publish them in any way, including copying for a friend, is a direct violation of copyright law.  If it is discovered that these laws have been violated, we will prosecute. 

Download setups and browser setup.

When you do a down load or print, the information come to you as a html file, so if you are printing from the web, you should do a print review and then set a few of the values to get the best print.  First change the margins to allow you to get it on one page.  The top and bottom margins should be set to .2 and the side margins set to .4 or less.  You will note that there are URL addresses and other information in the corners, you should set those to blank to get a clear print.  With the dragons the drawing is larger to cover the entire page, if it does not and some of the text begins to show up with the picture, just adjust the margins so the text is forced to the next page.

*You can print these products as much as you want, but only for 12 months.  The published products and eBook offerings are a one time cost.  Downloads are only good for 12 months from the time they are first purchased.  In your account activity selection under member login, you can see the dates you first purchased the product.  This is the start of the year for that purchase.