Varanae eBooks of History

We currently are producing numerous eBooks.  These books are collections of our customersí adventures, creations, stories, legends, and history.  There is nowhere on the web where you can go to see the great heroes and villains of the role-playing world, that is until now.  So in an effort to ensure that  the great adventures and thoughts of our gaming are not lost, just because they are not a major company, they are preserved here by the players themselves. 

To produce a book cost thousands of dollars and needs a place to be published.  We will provide that at a cost much lower than any other industry.   

Heroes/Villains:  When you have a player that is ready for retirement or even for those that are on going, you can place them here to be stored for posterity and easy access.  You can allow others to see these characters or not as you choose.  Theses Books will be called the Lords of Varanae and will contain the details and descriptions of the men and women that have been both Heroes and Villains in the games. 

Adventures:   When you have had an adventure that is worth keeping for all time, you can store the adventure here, to keep a record and tell a story of a time in the life.  You can allow others to see these characters or not as you choose.  These books will be called the Myths and Legends of Varanae.  Your characters adventures are listed here for reading of their adventures, successes and demise.  Tales of Heroic proportions or Acts of Villainy, it is the story that is in these books. 

Monsters/Traps/Magical Devices:  There will be many books that contain collections of monsters, devices or traps to add to the great books of Varanae.  The Great Book of Traps will be a collection of traps that are both complex and simple.  The Book of Known Beast, the Great Tomb of Magic, The Book of Known Devices, Demons Compendium, and the Great Book of Science, are but a few of the other books that will be developed.   These books will be a combination of the registered membersí inputs that will be viewable by all registered members on the site. 

Due to the size of these books they will be offered as eBooks at first, with the possibility of publishing them in hardcopy in the future.  If you provide inputs to a book, that book will be accessible to you free in the electronic form.  As stories and items are added to the books, they will be updated and will remain downloadable free to anyone who has provided input to the books.  If the book is published in hard copy, it will be for sale to any one wishing to purchase it; there will be no free copies of the books. 

There are rules for each of these books, and a publishing price.  You will be required to relinquish your copyrights, pay a fee, and adhere to rules of publishing.  You will be given credit for the writing and be listed as the author of any piece you provide.  Only original pieces will be allowed into these books, and if there are copyright violations, they will be removed immediately upon discovery. 

Not all submissions will be accepted.  Our staff will do editing, and if the submission is not accepted, then the author retains copyrights and the submission will not be placed in the books.  The author may still produce an eBook and sell it on this site under the commission or submission options for writers and artist.  Inputs to the eBooks will become property of Varanae, and a copyright transfer agreement will need to be filled out and signed.