You may register from this page, select the registration button below.  You will be asked for address information, phone numbers, etc.  This information is strictly for providing you services.  We never share information with other companies.  To use the tools you will need to be registered.

Use Tools, preload address info, apply for paid work, and help decide on the direction of the site.  With registration you become part of the community of Varanae.  Registered members have access to tools that help you to referee the game.  You also can suggest new tools that you need to help you do a better job at refereeing and playing.  Only registered members can apply for positions here on the site.  Only registered members may post their works here for sale, barter, or viewing.  Registered members will also have voting powers on the site to determine some of the directions we want to go with the products, site, and games.

Other businesses tell you they are the professionals, and that they have been developing products for a very long time.  But the truth of the matter is you know what you want to see in the games.  Almost every product you see listed here from Varanae was designed, tested and played by over 39 referees before it was considered good enough to sell.  Now with the change in games, the only person who can really tell us if the products and services are of value is you.

As a reward for helping us get the business up and running, we are offering opportunities and services to help you.  With the registration you will be able to see and direct the process.  If you do not register, but what you can see and do is some what limited.

As a registered member you will be allowed to bid on work that is in the process of developing; game tools, art, write-ups, stories, and adventures.  Register to be available for the work.  We will be paying by either direct pay or consignment.  It will be posted in the project, and it and all projects are subject to negotiation, so don't hesitate to get the information and ask questions.

We are building tools that will allow you to expand your tool box for gaming.  We are currently working on programs that will run from the web, and many will have print functions to allow you to copy the results to your printer or a file.  If you are not registered you cannot run all these tools.  We will be looking for input from the registered users to help us develop better tools and new tools. 

Registered members will have the ability to post their own works on the site for sale.  The products will be reviewed by staff to ensure they are not graphically inappropriate or pornographic, but postings can be either a link to their site, or the actual works posted to our site.  If you wish us to sell your product, we will do so only for registered members.  Details are located else where on the site.

Finally we will be asking registered members from time to time questions on the site.  We will be looking for the suggestions and criticisms of the site that will improve it to serve the community and customers better.  We will take out side suggestions, but those suggestions will be voted upon by the members.  It is for those of you that purchase the products that we want to improve the service.  It is for those of you that if we improve the service will then purchase the products that we want to help us.