Currently there are 50 Dragons available for role playing games.  These creatures are truly ancient.  developed and first played in role-playing games over 30 years ago (printed 27 years ago), these creations are as old as the role playing systems for which they were designed and today they will still challenge the players who meet them. 

Price per Dragon is $1.00 ($5 shipping and handling reguardless of the number ordered).
Each dragon is printed on parchment with the artwork on the front and the details on the back.  This allows the referee the ability to show the party of adventures what they are facing, without giving up the power of the creature.  All the art has a human person in the picture to give a size reference.  Want to try and imagine how big a 25 foot long lizard might be? We encase each dragon in a plastic sleeve to protect it and the sleeve has holes punched in it to allowing it to be easily put in a binder.  As with all the monsters, game tools, and other products, you can put them in any order to suit your needs.

You can make your selection on this page and it will be added to the shopping cart.  When done you can go to the shopping cart and check out or go to other pages to add to your order.    Shipping will be additional.

Special Note:  While supplies last, we are offering the Dragon Book (all fifty dragons).  It is the original printing from 1981.  Of the 2,000 printed 1, 000 were destroyed in a move, and currently we had been selling them exclusively on eBay.  The last 100 copies will be sold here.  When they are gone, this note will be removed and there is no plans to reprint this collector's item. It is paper back book with each dragon taking up a full page.  The books are in new condition and will be mailed four class unless you wish to provide higher class postage.  We are selling the remaining collector books at $20 per book, plus $5 Shipping and handling per book.   

Air Dragon
Amber Dragon
Blood Dragon
Bone Dragon
Coal Dragon
Coral Dragon
Dream Dragon
Earth Dragon
Emerald Dragon
Energy Dragon
Mercury Dragon
Mist Dragon
Farerie Dragon
Flint Dragon
Ice Dragon
Ivory Dragon
Jade Dragon
Lake Dragon
Light Dragon
Marsh Dragon
Moon Dragon
Moss Dragon
Opal Dragon
Pearl Dragon
Prismatic Dragon
Purple Dragon
Pyrite Dragon
River Dragon
Rubber Dragon
Ruby Dragon
Salt Dragon
Sand Dragon
Shadow Dragon
Star Dragon
Sun Dragon
Water Dragon
Weeping Dragon
Zen Dragon
Diamond Dragon
Fire Dragon
Grave Dragon
Oak Dragon
Polar Dragon
Sapphire Dragon
Smoke Dragon
Snow Dragon
Sulphur Dragon
Swamp Dragon
Yellow Dragon
Willow Dragon