Download Rentals
How it works:

You rent a download for one year.  You may download as many copies as you desire during that year.  The year starts from the first download and ends on the anniversary date of the original rental.  Downloads are rentals, which means they are not your or anyone’s to sell, copyrights and trademarks are still in place.  If you give the material away, you are still in violation of the copyrights laws and the agreement of this site.  Remember your agreement is more binding than the copyright laws and you have agreed not to give, sell, or other wise transfer any of the material from this site.

Once you have selected a download or combination of downloads, the next page will display those downloads that you have selected.  You may select as many as you want as long as you have a balance to support your choices.  On that page you may remove selections if you need.  When you choose to continue, the download will become unlocked, and you may go to the Download Page to download those selections you have rented.  You may go to the download page by either selecting the button on the final rental page, or using the menu selection bar.

Types of downloads: Singles and Books

Singles are monsters, creatures, and single or few multiple pages.  For example, a monster would normally be a single page or two in PFD format.  The rental for a single would be for only that monster.  You can rent any combination of singles.  Prices for the singles are listed on the page and you must have a balance that allows for your rental.

Books are a collection of monsters, characters, games, etc.  There can be any number of pages in these downloads and they can be considerable in size.  Some of the offerings will come as PDF, while others may be e-Book.  These selections come in hard copy as well; this is where we print out the book or it is already printed and ship directly to you.  As with the Singles, you must have enough funds in your balance to rent these offerings.

Your Suggestions:

If you have anything you would like to add to the downloads, look into selling your suggestions in the Art, Writer, and Coder sections to get the details of your needs to become a contributor to the site.  We may pay for projects, and offerings based on what they are and how they fit in the site.