There are 100 creatures from the original designs.  This is the Monstrum 1 which was designed to be used by the role-playing systems of over 30 years ago, and they will still terrorize adventurers in the games today.  These creatures are truly ancient.  developed and first played in role-playing games over 30 years ago (printed 27 years ago), these creations are as old as the role-playing systems for which they were designed. 


Special Note:  While supplies last, we are offering the Monstrum 1 Book (all 100 monsters).  It is the original printing from 1980.  Of the 4,000 printed 1,500 were destroyed in a move, and those not sold to stores have currently been selling exclusively on eBay and our web site.  Our last copies will be sold on Ebay.  When they are gone, this note will be removed and there is no plans to reprint this collector's item. It is paper back book with each monster taking up a half a page.  The books are in new condition and will be mailed forth class unless you wish to provide higher class postage. 

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